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Business Credit Basics
Business Credit
What's business credit?
What are the 4 C's that companies look for?
Can't I just use my personal credit?
What's myth vs. reality?
Your Business Credit Profile
What's a business credit profile?
How can I avoid mistakes and omissions?
How can I improve my business credit profile?
How do I get started with Dun & Bradstreet?
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Procure larger loan amounts because banks see your business as financially stable and low-risk
Win new customers who feel secure that you are able to meet your commitments to them
Attract potential investors who feel confident about your business's potential for future success

Get lower interest rates on loans and lower premiums on insurance and save yourself money
Negotiate better credit terms with your suppliers so you can pay them later and keep cash on hand to run your business
Bargain for better lease rates on space or equipment, and lower your cost of doing business