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Glossary of Terms

Accounts: Please indicate the number of unique customers that purchase your company's goods and services on a credit basis (exclusively cash, check or credit card customers would not be included).

Additional Locations: Please indicate if the company has any branch or subsidiary locations not at the headquarters address. Divisions located at headquarters would not be considered an additional location. Sales Representatives working from home would also not be considered an additional location.

Additional Officers/Owners: Please complete this section for any officers or owners in addition to the CEO of the company. You may list up to 5 names and titles.

Branch Report: A Branch is a secondary location for which its Headquarters has legal responsibility. Typically, a Branch is a separate location.

Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S® Number: Dun & Bradstreet's Data Universal Numbering System, the Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S® Number, is the standard for keeping track of the world's businesses. Its unique nine-digit code helps identify and link more than 100 million companies worldwide.

Email address of the CEO: On occasion, Dun & Bradstreet will send an e-mail to the CEO alerting them to new events within Dun & Bradstreet or increased functionality in the updating of the company's Dun & Bradstreet information.

Employees: All persons receiving compensation from a business for their services represent an employee and would include:
Full-Time and Part-Time workers
Officers or Owners
Salaried and Commissioned Sales Representatives
This would not include Non-officer Directors of a corporation

Exit: Select this button if you choose to exit your Dun & Bradstreet information and return to the DNB.com home page.

Import/Export: Please indicate if you purchase goods from countries outside of the United States (import) or sell goods outside of the United States (export).

Legal Structure: Proprietorship, Partnership or Corporation. All Limited Liability Companies (LLC's) should be designated as a Partnership.

Line of Business: Please provide a brief description of the major activity (or activities) of the business. As a point of reference:
A Retailer sells for personal or household consumption
A Wholesaler is a business that takes the goods of a manufacturer and sells those goods to retailers
A Manufacturer transforms materials or products, and in the process, adds value by applying labor
A Broker buys and sells on commission terms…as an agent
A Contractor builds structures, roads, bridges, etc. under contract terms

Mailing Address: Common alternative mailing addresses would include P.O. Box, Drawer # or Rural Route.

Major Line of Business Change: A major line of business change is one that is significant enough to change the company's SIC Code.

Minor Line of Business Change: A minor line of business change does not necessitate a change to the company's SIC Code.

Minority and Women-Owned: Check box if at least 50% of the company is owned and controlled by a woman or one of the following minorities: Asian American, African American/Black, Hispanic American, Sub Continent Asian American or Native American.

Parent Company: Please complete this section if a company owns 50+% of the capital stock. Name, City and State are requested for domestic parent companies. Name, City and Country are requested for Non-US parent companies.

Percent of Internet Sales: Sales conducted via the internet divided by total annual sales.

Primary Place of Business: Please indicate whether your physical location is commercial or residential and complete the necessary fields.

Public Company: If the general public owns any portion of the business, please indicate by selecting this box.

Selling or Servicing Area: Please choose from the drop-down window. Please select only one listing as each listing includes all of the territory in the listing above it (e.g. Regional would include Statewide, Statewide would include Local, etc.).

SIC Code: An 8-digit code that Dun & Bradstreet assigns to all business. These codes describe business activities at an industry level.

Start Date: This is the year the company commenced active operations.

Stock Ownership: Please complete stock breakdown for any individuals owning 10% of capital stock or greater. Total stock ownership must equal 100%. Listing a % being owned by "others" is acceptable if these shareholders own less than 10% of the capital stock individually.

Submit: Once you have reviewed the summary page and find all of your information up to date, click the "submit" button and Dun & Bradstreet will update your business profile accordingly.

Subsidiary Company: A subsidiary is a corporation that is more than 50% owned by another corporation and will have a different legal business name from its parent company.

Thank You/Confirmation: This is a date-stamped page that you may print for your records that confirm your changes have been received.

Total Sales/Revenues: Please indicate annual sales or revenues for the latest fiscal year available. Exact or approximate figures for annual sales or revenues are acceptable. Please do not include any non-numeric characters.

Titles: A drop-down menu is available for the most common title names in today's US Businesses. If you cannot find the title you are seeking, please select "other" and list the accurate title in the box to the right.

Veteran Status: Please indicate you are a veteran of the Vietnam War or a Disabled Veteran of any war. If applicable, you can select both.

Year Current Owner Assumed Control: This is the year the current ownership assumed control. If the current owner is the original owner, this field should remain blank.

Your Customers: Please indicate one or more of the segments that you sell your products or services to. Commercial concerns would be inclusive of various types of companies.